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Rites for Unborn Spirit

Rites for Unborn Spirit

When pregnancy is faced with an unexpected end, the soul of the unborn child lingers within the human realm, and often stays close to the mother or their immediate family. Denied the opportunity to experience human life, the unborn spirit known as “ying ling” (婴灵) may carry negative sentiments of resentment and anger directed towards the parents or even have feelings of jealousy to their human siblings. The negative sentiments of the unborn spirit can manifest to destructive energies that disrupt family harmony. For instance, nightmares for the mother, or even frequent unexplained crying, sadness, tension and arguments at home. If left unchecked, this can subsequently lead to hostility or even animosity amongst family members.


Rites for Unborn Spirit 婴灵超度法会 (1-Day)

Fee 每名收费 : $88 NETT 
Ritual Includes 仪式包括 : One (1) day Buddhist Chanting, Offering Items, Lighting of a Blessing & Longevity Candle, a ‘ShuWen’ Documentation (requires your fingerprint) | 高僧诵经一天, 供品,消灾延寿灯,一份疏文(需盖手印)

Date 法会日期 : 31 Aug 2024 (Saturday) | 农历七月廿八(星期六)- once a year ritual
Time 法会时间 : 10 am – 4.30 pm
Address (Zi Shange) 法会地点(紫杉阁): 22 Kaki Bukit Crescent, Kaki Bukit Techpark 1, Singapore 416253

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This 1-day ritual aims to provide solace and comfort to the unborn spirit, guiding it to find respite and some tranquility.

NOTE: The 1-day ritual provides temporary solace to the unborn spirit for the day. To help the unborn spirit move beyond their emotional burden and away from the Human Realm, a Comprehensive Rebirth Ritual (梁王宝忏超度大法会) is recommended. The comprehensive ritual spans for a longer period of time as time is needed to release the resentment that the unborn spirit hold onto. Be in touch for us for any enquiries.






  • 母亲的膝盖、腰容易疼痛。眼睛提早出现问题,或有莫名疾病、、肿瘤等健康问题
  • 容易忧郁和焦虑易怒,恶梦连连
  • 受孕艰难,容易流产


  • 父亲事业不顺,易遭受无妄之灾,官非缠身
  • 家庭不和睦,容易出现婚外情
  • 小孩爱哭、爱闹、睡得不安宁
  • 家中子女叛逆,不受管教



普通婴灵超度 (S$88 nett) 流程:

  • 点击此处报名,我们的顾问在2-3个工作日内联系顾客,协助顾客填写表格
  • 顾问会与顾客安排预约,亲临我们的分行,把手印盖在疏文上
  • 法会当天,佛堂的员工会将顾客的名字粘贴消灾延寿灯上与疏文摆放在一起,点灯祈福
  • 佛堂的员工会准备供品:一天食物 (牛奶、糖果) 和玩具
  • 高僧会在法会当天诵经,减轻婴灵的怨气
  • 在一天超度仪式后,供品将会被处理掉


  • 怀孕的女性不能报名此项服务 (若报名后才发现已怀孕,将抽出来安排在下一场法会进行)
  • 不建议家属亲自到法会现场观看超度仪式,因为法会现场的磁场较为混乱,在运气比较低的情况下,容易让婴灵跟随。此外,如果亲人在场,可能会引起婴灵对家人的牵连

What negative effects might arise if the “unborn spirit” lingers and remain unresolved?

Negative effects on the Mother:

  • Experience of recurring pain in knees and waist, as well as early onset eye problems, unexplained ailments/tumors
  • Susceptible to feelings of depression, anxiety and irritability
  • Experience frequent nightmares, emotional instability and sense of restlessness
  • Unresolved energy of the “unborn spirit” may affect the mother’s fertility, resulting in difficulties conceiving and higher risk of miscarriage

Negative effects on the Father:

  • Encounter constant career setbacks, facing barriers that impede and disrupt your professional career
  • Face inexplicable misfortunes or get entangled in disputes with authorities
  • Disharmony within the family might arise, leading to conflicts and even extramarital affairs
  • Unresolved emotions of the “unborn spirit” can lead to fractures within family dynamics, sparking tensions and escalating conflicts

Negative effects to sibling(s):

  • Babies within the family might exhibit frequent crying, fussiness and sleep disturbances due to the presence of unborn spirit’s unsettled energy
  • Children experiencing heightened anxiety, mood swings and emotional sensitivity
  • Exhibit rebellious behaviour influenced by the disruptive energy of the unborn spirit
  • Sense of detachment and difficulty in forming connections with others
  • Sibling(s) talking to air / “people” around them

Why is it necessary to perform rites for an unborn spirit?

  • This salvation ritual allows parents to acknowledge and reconcile with the loss of their unborn child. It offers parents a way to address unresolved emotions, guilt or regret they may have towards the unborn spirit. The rite aim to release the emotional burden off the parents.
  • Unresolved emotions and unsettled spirits can have significant adverse effects on the living. If the unborn spirit is not addressed promptly, the negative energy could intensify over time, affecting the overall state of parents, siblings and to the future generations.
  • Through performance of the ritual, the cycle of negative influence can be broken, to allow for a positive and harmonious family environment.

Procedure for concise Rites for Unborn Spirit (S$88 nett):

  • To proceed for booking, click HERE to provide us your contact information. Our service representative will whatsapp you within 2-3 working days.
  • The consultant will arrange an appointment with you to visit our outlet.
    To proceed for the service, we will collect full payment and guide you to fill up a service form (with your personal particulars). The face-to-face appointment is necessary as we require you to stamp your fingerprint on the ‘Shuwen’ documentation for the ritual.
  • Our staff will affix your name to the blessing candle and place together with the ‘Shuwen’
  • A set of offering items will be prepared: a day’s worth of milk, candy and toys for the unborn spirit
  • On the ritual day, eminent monks will recite scriptures/sutras to alleviate and provide relief of the grievances of the unborn spirit
  • Offerings will be removed and discarded one day after the ritual

Important Note:

  • Pregnant women are advised not to sign up for this service. In the event that pregnancy is discovered after registration, our staff will arrange for participation in the next scheduled rite.
  • It is recommended that you/family members are not physically present for the rites due to the potentially negative energy field environment.
  • This ritual is only conducted once a year, if you miss this round, the next sign-up will be next year.
  • This is a nett price service. Price stated is for an unborn spirit (if you have more than one failed pregnancy, please notify us during the meet-up consultation accordingly).
  • By booking for this service, we will provide the 1-day ritual for the unborn spirit. However, to allow the unborn spirit to find peace and move on from its earthly ties, you understand that a comprehensive ritual (梁王宝忏超度大法会) is needed instead.

We keep all clients’ information private and confidential. Our team can assist you to find out more about the 1-Day ritual or the Comprehensive Ritual (梁王宝忏超度大法会).

To Register/Find Out More:

Click link below to fill up your contact details; our service team will contact you within 2-3 working days. The appointment is a no-obligation meet-up at our retail outlet for our service team to explain more about the ritual to you. Should you wish to proceed, we will then require your personal information and fingerprint for the Shuwen documentation.

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