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Selection of Auspicious Date for Chinese Wedding by Grand Master Phang


A good date for your wedding brings both blessings from Heaven and Earth. At Yuan Zhong Siu, Grand Master Hillary Phang will take into account the couple’s birth information (i.e. Ba Zi 八字) along with the parents’ birth information (from both groom and bride) to help you choose the most ideal date to usher in abundance, harmony and a new beginning for your union. We will recommend a date only if there are auspicious star(s) that is suitable for the wedding activity and/or will help you avoid any energy clashes for the wedding dates proposed.

婚姻是终身大事,而挑选一个良辰吉日成婚,是筹备婚礼最重要的环节之一。一个好的日子,代表一个好的开始 。让彭大师以您和伴侣的八字帮您择出良辰吉日,让您可得到天、地、人(亲朋好友)的祝福,从而使夫妻感情幸福美满。

Comprehensive Report

Couples will provide their preferred months for the wedding and Yuan Zhong Siu will propose three ideal wedding dates.
The report will also include Auspicious Dates and Time for

• Betrothal Gift Ceremony (过大礼)
• Installation of the Bridal Bed (安床)
• Fetching of Bride from her parents’ house (迎接)
• Stepping into Groom’s parents’ house (过门)
• Return to the Bride’s parents’ house (回门)

The Auspicious Wedding Date report will be ready in 14 working days (upon submission of complete information).

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Selection of Auspicious Date for Chinese Wedding Practices 

Marriage is a life-long commitment and your wedding should be blessed by Heaven and Earth. Extremely important but yet easily overlooked, an auspicious wedding date is more than just using the traditional Chinese Almanac to sieve out the favorable dates based on zodiac signs.

When date selection is supplemented with the individual’s Eight Characters/Bazi (i.e. year, month, date and time of birth), we can align the right factors to minimize unpleasant obstacles and help you ride on the wave of success. For your big day, we hope to help you receive blessings when the stars are aligned to your benefit, whilst maximizing the happiness of the union.

1. 把握天时,地利,人(亲朋好友)的祝福以增旺新人运势
2. 趋吉避凶,祝福新人婚后幸福,快乐

3. 避开天地之间不利的磁场,让结婚当天顺顺利利进行
4. 俗话说:男靠出生时,女靠行嫁日一个好的日子,代表一个好的开始。 择日结婚可祝福新人婚后相处美满融洽

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