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Use Feng Shui to get ahead in your Career and get a Pay Rise

article by Master Jacelyn Phang

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that uses the arrangement and placement of objects to create a positive flow of energy in a space. By applying the principles of Feng Shui to your work environment, you can create a more harmonious and productive space that can help you get ahead in your career and potentially even earn a pay rise. Here are some Feng Shui items and tips recommended for you:

3 Items to Enhance Your Career & Money Luck

1) Wen Chang Pagoda

Wen Chang Pagoda(文昌塔)

Wen Chang is a star effectuating intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. Placing a Wen Chang Pagoda on the left-hand side of your work desk can help you boost mental concentration and harmonize energies for greater thought processing. With unwavering attention, you can work more efficiently and complete more work in less time.

2) Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo Plant(富贵竹)

Its upward growth indicates career mobility and progress. Add red ribbons to it for an extra boost of prosperous luck. Place it near the entry of your home or in your office for remarkable career growth.

3) Alpha Kui Xing Emblem

Alpha Kui Xing Emblem(魁星九宫币)

The Gui Ren Benefactor Star resides in the Southwest in 2023. This auspicious star can bring triumphant success to one’s career. To activate this star, you can place the Alpha Kui Xing Emblem in the Southwest sector of your residence to help you expand your network, activate mentor luck and bring career stability.

3 Tips to Help You Advance Your Career & Make More Money

1) Use Feng Shui colors to boost your career

Purple is the color of wealth and authority as it is the color of royalty since ancient times. Green is associated with the Wood element therefore it is symbolic of growth. To enhance your career luck, you can add purple or green colored paper to your drawer or get a new cushion, carpet or vase in these lucky colors.

2) Position your desk in the Wen Chang Sector

According to the study of Feng Shui, this is also the Career position. When you strengthen the Wen Chang position, it can boost the authoritative power of the owner of the household, enable them to be clear of their goals while being successful at work. For children, the activation of the Wen Chang position will help them stay focused, reduce distractions, enhance their intelligence and allow them to excel in their studies.

Identify your Wen Chang Sector through an on-site Feng Shui audit.

3) Manifest your ideal salary

Red color belongs to the Fire element; it brings action and can help ignite your passion. Indicate your ideal salary amount on a slip of paper in red ink and place it in a small red envelope in your drawer (note: your ideal salary should be realistic and attainable based on your relevant skills).

By applying these Feng Shui items and tips to your workspace, you can create a more positive and supportive environment that can help you achieve your career goals and potentially even earn a pay rise. Good luck!

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