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Wen Chang Pagoda

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Wen Chang is a star effectuating intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. Placing a Wen Chang Pagoda on your work or study desk will activate this star to

  • boost mental concentration and bring clarity
  • harmonize energies for greater thought processing
  • diffuse negative and distracting thoughts
  • brings vigilance and acuteness to cognitive abilities

Recommended for:

  • kids whom are easily distracted
  • students seeking to improve their grades and academic skills
  • working adult to boost career enhancement and work recognition

Size: 5cm (L) ×  10.5 cm(H)
*Comes in 5 different colors. See below for more details
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Where to Place the Wen Chang Pagoda

Place the Wen Chang Pagoda on the left hand side of your study table or work desk.

⚪Wen Chang Pagoda (Crystal White) – 消除焦虑不安

  • Great for boosting mental concentration and enhancing focusing ability.
  • Optimizes productivity yet minimizes error.
  • Gets rid of negativity and distractive thoughts for best mental concentration.

🔵Wen Chang Pagoda (Baby Blue) – 提高表达能力

  • Clears mental blockages.
  • Calming effect for improved sleep quality and increased emotional management.
  • Enhances discipline to stay focused for long periods of time and enhance memory skills.

🔴Wen Chang Pagoda (Pastel Pink) – 增加魅力和人际关系

  • Build confidence to speak up and draw harmonious energies to maintain a good relationship with people around you.
  • Ability to be big-hearted and improves patience to endure difficulties or setbacks.
  • Enhance discipline to stay focused and enhance problem-solving skills.

🟡Wen Chang Pagoda (Yellow Gold) – 增加业绩

  • Brings money-making opportunities. Boost wealth & career management abilities.
  • Enhance competency & boost judgment abilities.
  • Great to attract promotion/pay rise (best for sales related jobs).

🟢Wen Chang Pagoda (Emerald Green) – 增加自信心

  • Opens up your mind and improves creativity.
  • Improve discernment and leadership skills. Enhance authority and charisma.
  • Unleash full potential and opportunities for career/academic breakthrough.


Liu Li (琉璃)

Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10.5 cm

Liu Li(琉璃)


Wen Chang Pagoda – Crystal White, Wen Chang Pagoda – Baby Blue, Wen Chang Pagoda – Pastel Pink, Wen Chang Pagoda – Yellow Gold, Wen Chang Pagoda – Emerald Green

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Liu Li Care
Not recommended to wear to sleep Re-energize it with Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

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