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Wen Chang Pagoda

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Wen Chang is a star effectuating intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge.
Placing a Wen Chang Pagoda on your work or study desk will activate this star to
✨ boost mental concentration and bring clarity
✨ harmonize energies for greater thought processing
✨ diffuse negative and distracting thoughts
✨ brings vigilance and acuteness to cognitive abilities

Recommended for:
✨ kids whom are easily distracted
✨ students seeking to improve their grades and academic skills
✨ working adult to boost career enhancement and work recognition

Size: 5cm (L) ×  10.5 cm(H)
*Comes in 5 different colors. See below for more details
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Where to Place the Wen Chang Pagoda

Place the Wen Chang Pagoda on the left hand side of your study table or work desk.

⚪Wen Chang Pagoda (Crystal White)
Great for boosting mental concentration and enhancing focusing ability.
Optimizes productivity yet minimizes error.

🔵Wen Chang Pagoda (Baby Blue)
Clears mental blockages.
Calming effect for improved sleep quality and increased emotional management.
Enhances discipline to stay focused for long periods of time and enhance memory skills.

🔴Wen Chang Pagoda (Pastel Pink)
Build confidence to speak up and draw harmonious energies to maintain a good relationship with people around you.
Ability to be big-hearted and improves patience to endure difficulties or setbacks.
Enhance discipline to stay focused and enhance problem-solving skills.

🟡Wen Chang Pagoda (Yellow Gold)
Brings money-making opportunities. Boost wealth & career management abilities.
Enhance competency & boost judgment abilities.
Great to attract promotion/pay rise (best for sales related jobs)

🟢Wen Chang Pagoda (Emerald Green)
Opens up your mind and improves creativity.
Improve discernment and leadership skills. Enhance authority and charisma.
Unleash full potential and opportunities for career/academic breakthrough.

Liu Li (琉璃)

Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10.5 cm

Crystal White, Baby Blue, Pastel Pink, Yellow Gold, Emerald Green


Liu Li

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