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Grand Master Hillary Phang

Grand Master Hillary Phang is the founder and CEO of Yuan Zhong Siu. Established in 1989, Yuan Zhong Siu is an award-winning Feng Shui brand and the leading geomancy brand in Asia.

Through dedication and professionalism, Grand Master Phang has gained the respect of the mass public with his accurate Feng Shui and Zi Wei Astrology expert analysis. He has won many accolades and has since been honored as the Grand Master of the new generation of geomancy.

With more than 30 years of experience, he is Asia’s leading Feng Shui Master. Having conducted more than 20,000 seminars in Asia, Grand Master Phang is a well-known speaker respected for his expert knowledge, professionalism and engaging talks. He has also been featured it numerous major media publications such as The Straits Times, The New Paper, Metro TV, Tencent QQ, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily News and many more.


成立缘中秀风水命理公司有成,,集团旗下拥有50多名资深命理风水师及专业助理。至今其相命论运的顾客遍布新加坡、马来西亚、印尼、泰国、中国等等,被誉为亚洲杰出的人类生命工程师。彭崧華大师是亚洲风水命理权威,于亚洲国家举办了近20,000多场研讨会。此外,彭大师曾在海峡时报、新报、Metro TV、腾讯QQ、联合晚报、新明日报等主要媒体发表过影频及专栏。至今已有上万人受惠于其相命论运,其影响力堪称亚洲之冠。

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For Grand Master Hillary Phang - Residential Feng Shui Service
We first came across YZS in 2011 at a corporate Feng Shui talk. Like most young couples, we were sceptical about feng shui and do not place much attention on the importance of feng shui. However, after hearing the Feng Shui talk, it dawned on us that we need to seek professional advice on the design and furniture layouts for our new flat. We engaged Grand Master Hillary Phang in our home Fengshui service. He was very sincere in sharing his valuable knowledge with us and did a very thorough assessment of our house floor plan. In addition, he emphasised that we do not need to splurge on renovation and expensive furnitures. He was very practical in advising us on how to effectively spend our renovation funds to build essential installations and utilising the correct products at prominent positions for enhancing the five elements of the house and deriving the best benefits. With the assistance and support from his dedicated team of consultants, we were very satisfied with the precise summary report of the house design. We are confident and proud owners of our love nest, as the house has allowed us to live peacefully and protected us from negative elements. We strongly encourage new and existing home owners to seek advice from Yuan Zhong Siu for house Feng Shui service. Rest assured that you will reap huge tangible and intangible benefits more than investment outlay.
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by William Tan
For Grand Master Hillary Phang - Zi Wei Dou Shu Service
Visited 缘中秀‘s new outlet located at Chinatown MRT Station for Zi Wei Dou Shu analysis consultation together with my daughters in early July. I felt very impressed by Grand Master Phang's professionalism throughout the consultation session, providing precise and accurate analysis for my daughters. Appreciate Grand Master Phang for providing constructive advice to my daughters in choosing their future education paths. Sincerely thank you Grand Master Phang for his guidance and enlightenment. I would definitely recommend 缘中秀 to my family and friends :-)
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by Neo Cindy
For Grand Master Hillary Phang - Zi Wei Dou Shu Service
I am very honoured and privileged to have Grand Master Hillary Phang to personally review my Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology in the midst of his hectic schedule. I am so amazed that he can decipher my life experiences with such high accuracy and even shared who am I in my past life where it attributes to the happenings and blessings in this lifetime. He also offers me very valuable and precise solutions to prevent any misfortune and multiply the blessings in my life. With this great clarity, I can enjoy added confidence in what's coming forth and enhance my life with greater prosperity. Thank you Grand Master Hilliary Phang once again for such a personalised & detailed review and a big thank you to my business mentor Sally for bringing me to this enlightening session.
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by James Tan
For Grand Master Hillary Phang - Residential Feng Shui Service
Have been consulting Grand Master Phang for at least 17 years. Have been a returning customer since his advices doesn't create 'awkward corners or areas' in our house and the ornaments he recommended are all modern, beautiful and lasting. Most importantly, we can see the positive changes Feng Shui brings us. My recent interactions with Jacelyn and her team, as well as the staff at Fortune Centre, have been most awesome! Very friendly, patient and efficient team!
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by Helena Lim
For Grand Master Hillary Phang - Zi Wei Dou Shu Service
I had done my Zi Wei Dou Shu last December 2020 with Grand Master Hillary Phang. I find him to be very knowledgeable, sincere and meticulous during my session with him. He also gave me some valuable suggestions to which I am very thankful as it really makes a difference in my life. Once again, thank you Grand Master Hillary Phang for your valuable sharing!
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by Liam Ross Yeo
For Grand Master Hillary Phang - Residential Feng Shui & Zi Wei Dou Shu Service
I’ve been following Yuan Zhong Siu for the past 9 years. Every year I will seek advices from Grand Master Phang on Feng Shui recommendations of my house and personal luck cycle. Through Bazi analysis, Master Phang is able to identify our problems and provide sound advices on how to mitigate inauspicious luck and activate auspicious luck in our life which is a good help in our career, and a great impact in our household luck as well as other aspects. In additional, through Grand Master Phang’s pointers we have gained great confidences. We are very glad to have this opportunity to know Grand Master Phang. We will continue to support Yuan Zhong Siu. Thank you!
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by Mr Zhuo
For Grand Master Hillary Phang - Residential Feng Shui Service
2 weeks ago, we went for our first fengshui analysis done by Grand Master Phang at YZS Fortune Centre. He explained and guided us patiently throughout the session. Just collected the items bought and purified by Grand Master Phang, I must say the products quality and services are of top grade Also like to give credit to their staffs for going the extra miles, excellent customer service! Especially for their patience and dedication when dealing with me for a custom made bracelet. Hopefully with the placement of auspicious items, good luck and more positive vibes will be coming our way soon!
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by Vivace Chen
For Grand Master Hillary Phang and Master Vion Lee - Residential Feng Shui Service
Hi, I am Ms Zhuang, over these years we are extremely grateful to Grand Master Phang and Master Vion from Serangoon Outlet. Master Phang had given us plentiful of recommendations on Feng Shui, and Master Vion relentless effort in your help which instills confidences in us at the same time improve our family luck and fortune.
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by Ms Zhuang
For Grand Master Hillary Phang - Residential Feng Shui & Baby Naming Service
From how to choose our house, to the interior layout, to name selection for our child, Yuan Zhong Siu (缘中秀) has been our top choice. Very cared for as a client, non-pushy services and always ready to lend a listening ear to our needs. 
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by Xue Si
For Grand Master Hillary Phang - Residential Feng Shui Service
Thank you Master Phang for giving me your most valuable advice on my home Feng Shui! Happy that booking your time was so swift after purchasing 聚宝盆 that comes with complementary home audit, most importantly, you have given us a lots of ideas & advice to resolve the negative areas and how wealth and careers can be boosted!
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by Shena Foo
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