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Tarot Master Jacelyn Phang

Celebrity Speaker Jacelyn Phang was introduced to the art of Astrology and Feng Shui from an early age.
She is the daughter of renowned Grand Master Phang (founder and CEO of Yuan Zhong Siu). To date, Jacelyn has spoken at numerous conventions with over a thousand attendees, bridging the gap between generations and breaking the stereotype by modernizing Feng Shui and introducing it to the younger generations. Known for her charm, and clarity, she is the most sought-after English speaker in this industry, frequently invited by banks, hotels and large corporations to conduct their seminars.

With a passion for fashion and beauty, Jacelyn Phang is also a well-known model and an international beauty queen that has represented Singapore on global stages. She has also made multiple features on established publications such as U-Weekly, Cleo Magazine, NuYou and more.

For Tarot Master Jacelyn Phang
I was introduced by a friend to Jacelyn’s tarot reading service last year. This is going to be my third session with her...
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by Sotyna Yee

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