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Emperor Royal Star Pendant


Yuan Zhong Siu’s Premium Pendant
*Crafted in 18K Yellow Gold

Emperor Royal Star Pendant (皇者之星) is Yuan Zhong Siu’s premium pendant in 18K Gold and is adorned with top quality gemstones – Amethyst, Citrine and Blue Topaz crystals. The three gems are specially curated to provide harmony, balance and create an aura of positive energy around the wearer. With its high energies, you will experience increased motivation and vitality to excel in all that you do.

2 options to choose from: with or without the engraving of Om Mani Padme Hum scriptures (for the ultimate purifying and protective abilities to shield the individual from any harm). 

Influential Leadership. Magnetic Charisma. Affluence. Protection from Harm. Unparalleled Success. Emotional Balanced

  • A powerful pendant to attract good fortune, prosperity and abundance to your life. Helping you attain financial breakthroughs and career success
  • Can be used as a talisman for the ultimate health protection. Helps in energy healing and chakra balancingAbsolute shield against negative energies, protecting your aura and block emotional attacks from your co-workers
  • Imbue one with leadership authority, release deep-seated doubts, grant drive to manifest goals and reach your dreams
  • To help you overcome challenges and increase benefactor’s luck; attract mentors and good help from all directions for swift success
  • A natural energy-booster for vitality and good health. Put an end to lethargy, stop procrastination and have the courage to explore new opportunities to grow your money
  • Bestow you with courage, creativity and be able to stay at the top of your game for your career and money matters

Pendant Size: 1.2cm(L) X 4cm(H)

^Note: Pendant does not come with necklace. Purchase comes with a wooden box.

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The long, upright and rectangular design of the Emperor Royal Star Pendant is associated with the wood element. It is associated with growth, transformation, new beginnings and abundance. If you are looking to make a change in your life or attract more success, this is the pendant to help you achieve your goals.

All pendants purchased online will be purified and activated by Grand Master Phang before dispatch.

Featured Crystals



  • Citrine is the light maker and the ultimate wealth crystal for manifestation
  • Carrying the power of the sun, it is energizing and life giving. Enhances your vitality and removes toxins from the body
  • Citrine attracts wealth, abundance & affluence. Improves your financial situation and draw sales leads
  • Attract success and prosperity in life. Helps you achieve your intentions faster
              • 能聚财及加强偏财运
              • 做事能从一而终,努力不懈,热忱及积极向上
              • 增强信念和奋斗心,果断直接,用自己的实力、勇气,克服一切
              • 提高敏锐度,能有效把握机遇,得其所求
              • 增加自信心及心情愉悦
              • 对于比较神经质的人有良好镇定及平稳作用


Blue Topaz:


  • Blue Topaz is the master healer of emotions. It is known to help release tension, negativity and fear
  • Its calming energy helps reduce stress and quieten the mind, allowing one to achieve inner peace
  • Overcome lethargy and maintain emotional wellbeing
  • Great to drive away nightmares and negative energies. Act as a protective shield against unwanted energies of fear and anxiety
              • 能有柔顺的力量,善于沟通,加强人际关系,处事圆滑(人脉就是钱脉)
              • 气拔山河,遇事能迎刃而解,冷静睿智,善于谋定而后动,凡事都能主控大局
              • 蓝晶石是一种协调及冥想石,能净化心灵
              • 可调节「肾脏、膀胱、生殖、泌尿系统和皮肤」的健康症状




  • Amethyst carries the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality
  • It has the ability to lure in wonderful opportunities from every direction
  • It has the ability to attract good benefactors, boost business ideas and increase leadership qualities of a person
  • Enhances a person’s authority, creativity and power, allowing you to be the ruler of your emotions & mind
              • 掌握正、偏财,钱财源源不断
              • 做事左右逢源,谋事顺利,才智兼备
              • 理智型能量水晶,广结善缘, 对生活充满热忱
              • 得贵人扶助,获得上司提拔,得下属敬重,增加个人运气
              • 可做护身符佩戴,有助于驱邪助运




  • 可以开启七重轮
  • 思维更为清晰
  • 做事加强积极性
  • 提升鸿运和开启后天运数
  • 发挥皇者风范
  • 提升竞争优势

With Om Mani Padme Hum Scripture, Without Engraving

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