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Kun Lun Hong Pendant (White)


Kun(琨) means “Power of Authority”. Lun(轮) means “Wheel”, the turning of the wheel is associated with the ability to change the course of your fortune. Hong(鸿) means “Fortune” and it allows you to have your wishes fulfilled. Engraved with the Om Mani Padme Hum scripture, this mantra is for enlightenment, protection and wisdom.

The majestic design of the White Kun Lun Hong pendant quells negative energies while delivering the strength of heaven’s blessings for accomplishments. It is the ultimate emotion stabilizer, especially helpful for those suffering from sleep problems. Great for individuals who are feeling lost and vulnerable in their situations. This is an energy-clearing pendant.

Emotion stabilizer. Protection. Quell negative energies. Enlightenment.

  • Ultimate health stabilizer to heal and guard you away from dangers or unwanted accidents.
  • Engraved with Om Mani Padme Hum scriptures to protect you against negative ‘yin’ energies. Ideal for individuals working in the hospital or medical industry.
  • Heals insomnia or sleep issues. Best for individuals whom are clashing with Tai Sui to safeguard them.
  • Avoid over-thinking, be crystal clear in your intentions and reduce conflicts with others.
  • Allows you to have mental strength and analytical abilities to have discipline to excel in your work.

^Note: Pendant does not come with necklace
^^Note: Model is wearing a small-sized Kun Lun Hong

Small Size: 1.3cm(L) x 1.3cm(W) x 4.5cm(H)
Large Size: 1.5cm(L) x 1.5cm(W) x 5.0cm(H)
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(Note: Our pocket clip image is for illustration. The one you receive may have slight difference.)


琨轮鸿 (白色)

  • 稳定情绪,消除情绪干扰、舒缓烦躁心情
  • 谋事有勇有谋,勇于担当重任,不怕困难
  • 思维清晰,头脑敏锐,文思敏捷
  • 提升正气,消除负能量,镇定安神,增进睡眠
Kun Lun Hong Pendant (Small)

1.3 × 1.3 × 4.5 cm

Kun Lun Hong Pendant (Large)

1.5 × 1.5 × 5.0 cm

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