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Wealth Pi Xiu Keychain


Pi Xiu is a powerful protector and auspicious mythical animal, it is a widely known symbol of fortune and protection. Hang it with your belongings or place it in your bag to attract and guard your wealth.

Green Crystal– For confidence, career stability and to enhance income through your job
Yellow Crystal– Raise your money vibes, attract wealth from all directions and to enhance your indirect wealth luck/speculative investment luck
Pink Crystal– Draw in fortune from good interpersonal relationship with others (attract sales lead, gain help from benefactors and to block evil sabotages from others) . Be able to stay passionate about your financial goals and move forward with your plans for wealth

Pi Xiu can also get rid of negative forces and keep you safe. Keep this keychain in your car or by your side to keep you protected when you are out and about.

Item comes with a gift box (see image)
Size: 3cm(L) x 9cm(H), inclusive of keychain strap height



  • 守正财,助偏财
  • 庇护主人,为您保驾护航
  • 转祸为福,趋吉避凶


  1. 工作人士:帮助您生财有道,商机无限,正财旺盛
  2. 财运不好的人:貔貅的招财功效帮助改善财运
  3. 犯太岁的人:貔貅帮助化太岁
  4. 开车的人:貔貅能够护主保平安

Keychain Care
Not recommended to wear to sleep Re-energize it with Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

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