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Zodiac Guardian (Protection) Cards


Yuan Zhong Siu’s exclusive item.
Every one of us have our own protection guardian. Purchase this card based on your zodiac sign. Filled with high energy frequency, this zodiac guardian protection card can repel negative energies around you to keep you safe! Use it to raise your energy vibration, clear stagnant energy and bring a sense of balance to your mind, body and spirit. Card can be used for both kids and adults.

  • Promotion : 2 cards (or above) at $10+GST per card
  • 1 card at $18+GST

Card will be purified and blessed by Grand Master Phang.
Size: 5cm(L) x 8cm(W)

Promotion - $10 per card for any purchase of 2 or more Cards!
All cards in our shop can be mixed & matched
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How to use our Zodiac Guardian Protection Card: 

Carry this card with you wherever you go; it is best placed in your bag or in your car for safe travels. For individuals who often have nightmares, sleep paralysis or insomnia, place this card in your pillowcase (or in your bedside drawer) for a well-rested sleep.

* Validity of this card is for 1 year



  • 特别优惠:购买2张或以上,每张卡$10+GST
  • 1张卡 $18+GST

* 注意事项:八大守护神护身卡有效期为一年

生肖 Zodiac Sign守护神 Guardian 
鼠 Rat千手观音菩萨 [Qian Shou Guan Yin Pu Sa] Avalokiteshvara (Guan Yin)
牛 Ox虚空藏菩萨 [Xu Kong Zang Pu Sa] Bodhisattva Akasagarbha
虎 Tiger虚空藏菩萨 [Xu Kong Zang Pu Sa] Bodhisattva Akasagarbha
兔 Rabbit文殊菩萨 [Wen Shu Pu Sa] Bodhisattva Manjushuri
龙 Dragon普贤菩萨 [Pu Xian Pu Sa] Samantabhadra
蛇 Snake普贤菩萨 [Pu Xian Pu Sa] Samantabhadra
马 Horse大势至菩萨 [Da Shi Zhi Pu Sa] MhaSthamaprapta
羊 Goat大日如来 [Da Ri Ru Lai] Vairocana
猴 Monkey大日如来 [Da Ri Ru Lai] Vairocana
鸡 Rooster不动尊菩萨 [Bu Dong Zun Pu Sa] Acala
狗 Dog阿弥陀佛 [E Mi Tuo Fo] Amitabha
猪 Pig阿弥陀佛 [E Mi Tuo Fo] Amitabha


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