Monkey – Yuan Zhong Siu


Lucky Number:

Congratulations! Expect to receive high recognition in your career, especially for those that work in the administrative field. There will be opportunities to advance in your career, and you should invest in self-upgrading courses to pave your way to a successful future. Be wary of jealous co-workers and do not let workplace gossip distract you.


This year, your career will bring favourable wealth luck to you. Use it to your advantage and maximize your gains. Indirect wealth forecast is also strong; you want to keep a conscious effort to save up as much as you can. Thus said, business owners need to be wary of shady transactions or wealth loss caused by people around you.


Individuals born in the year of the Monkey will enjoy good health this year. Minor illnesses should be treated immediately to prevent them from mutating into major diseases. Maintain a balanced diet by reducing the consumption of oily, salty and sweet food. Ladies should do regular health check up for female related illnesses. Take extra care of your elderly family members.


A turbulent year for your relationship, married couples will find it hard to find reasons to love your spouse. Lies erode trust and break the relationship apart especially when the relationship does not have a strong foundation. For those who are single, it is a complicated year and your relationship might meet an early demise sooner than you think. This is not a good year to tie the knot. If there are plans to wed, you must consult a Feng Shui Master to select an auspicious date.

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