Tiger – Yuan Zhong Siu


Lucky Number:

You will excel and be the first to discover good opportunities in your career. However, you must endure the hardships first before eventually reaping the hefty returns. Expect an increase in sales especially in branding and advertising. Be flexible when you are dealing with other people and control your thoughts and actions; do not insist on your own ways.


Overall, the year will be a bountiful one in terms of wealth. Investments and enhanced windfall luck can denote potential profits. With an influx of income, you need to watch your entertainment expenses. This year, beware of conniving characters that might set a money trap to cheat your savings.


Inauspicious stars lurk around individuals born in the year of the Tiger, pay attention to road safety and unexpected health issues. If necessary, select an auspicious date for your surgery to avoid surgical complications. Lastly, for the elderly, regular check-ups for pre-existing medical conditions should not be skipped.


The key to a long lasting relationship for couples is staying committed to giving more than receiving out of the relationship. Spend quality time to rekindle the love and go for frequent massages or trips to the spa to de-stress. A good mood can uplift your emotions. Singles can try stepping out of your boundaries to pursue love, you might just find your soul mate!

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