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Obsidian Hu Lu


The Hu Lu is a gourd/calabash that symbolizes good health, longevity and wealth. Hu Lu sounds like “Fu Lu” in Chinese, which means good fortune and prosperity. Made of obsidian crystal, this is one of the best Feng Shui items for grounding and protection for the household.

Repel Sickness Energies. Dissolve Evil Spirits. Balance of Energies.

  • Transmute negative energy into positive energy, working as a powerful shield to protect the user against illness and disease
  • Absorb the bad energies from the Er Hei (二黑) Sickness Star & Wu Huang (五黄) Disaster Star from the yearly flying star feng shui
  • Formidable cleansing crystal that relieves the user of anxiety and depressive moods. Obsidian is often thought to have the ability to detoxify your body, energize you and keep you in top shapes
  • Protect an individual against unclean energies and to imprison evil spirits
  • Defends user against malevolent “Sha” energies and prevents unexpected accidents
  • Balances and draws positive chi (energy) to keep you thriving at your fullest health, and let you feel rested and restored

*Note: Dimensions vary for each Hu Lu. Refer to drop-down list for size & weight details

(1) PGEP-1144 @ $108+GST – Size: 4.7cm(W) X 10.5cm(H), Weight: 320g
(2) PGEP-1145 @ $128+GST – Size: 5.2cm(W) X 10.5cm(H), Weight: 414g
(3) PGEP-1145 @ $128+GST – Size: 5.4cm(W) X 10.1cm(H), Weight: 441g
(4) PGEP-1145 @ $128+GST – Size: 5.2cm(W) X 10.9cm(H), Weight: 452g
(5) PGEP-1146 @ $148+GST – Size: 5.8cm(W) X 12.7cm(H), Weight: 592g

**See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details
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Recommended for:

  • Individuals who are recovering from any illness/elderly. Place it on your bedside table to attract auspicious and healing chi energies
  • Children who are always crying and throwing tantrums. Place it in their room as it has self-soothing ability
  • Timid individuals who often have bad dreams, nightmares or are easily frightened. It strengthens your root chakra to help you feel grounded and confident. As such, it accords the individual with courage and emotional strength
  • People who often meet with supernatural sightings/encounters. This can help with aura cleansing and for trapping evil spirits
  • Individuals who are always sick or chronically ill. When placed in your room, it can rebuild the body and mind, purge negative energies and improve overall health.
  • For students or employees who are always bullied. Obsidian is a powerful crystal that defends the user against harmful energies and malicious individuals.
  • Those who conflict with Tai Sui as they are at greatest risk of succumbing to illness and will need to take extra precautions with regards to their health

Where to Place/Product Placement

  • Home – Place it in your house to guard your home against negative ‘chi’ and draw good fortune to your family
  • Office – Place it on the right hand side of your work desk (or inside your work cabinet/office drawer) to ward off evil people will ill-intents toward you
  • Bedside Table – Ward off illness energies/bad sleep, enhance health and overall wellbeing
  • #2 Er Hei or #5 Wu Huang Flying Stars of the Year – For protection and to counter the effects from these stars
    (For 2024, #2 Er Hei position is in the South East and #5 Wu Huang position is in the West)

To Recharge and Power Up your Item

Use the Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water to spray, clean and re-charge your item on a weekly basis. When cleaning, always use a dry and clean cloth to wipe away excess water and keep it dry.


  • 化解【五黄】【二黑】两颗凶星的影响,护家宅平安(2024年五黄星在正西方 ;二黑星在东南方)
  • 挡灾化煞,调整家中磁场,减少意外发生
  • 祛除病灾,帮助排出病气,舒缓不适
  • 吸纳秽气,将负面情绪转化成正能量
  • 开拓人脉增进贵人,防小人

Material 材质

Black Obsidian Crystal 黑曜石


Weight & Dimensions

Size: 4.7cm(W) X 10.5cm(H), Weight: 320g, Size: 5.2cm(W) X 10.5cm(H), Weight: 414g, Size: 5.4cm(W) X 10.1cm(H), Weight: 441g, Size: 5.2cm(W) X 10.9cm(H), Weight: 452g, Size: 5.8cm(W) X 12.7cm(H), Weight: 592g

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