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Ru Yi of Stellar Success

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The Ru Yi scepter is a symbol of authority, guidance and command in Feng Shui practices. Literally translated as “as you wish”, the elegant and lustrous Ru Yi brings with it good fortune and the expectation of things going according to your wishes. During the Qing Dynasty, they were often given during important events such as enthronement, coronation, birthdays and weddings. The Ru Yi scepter is influential for those who seek promotion and career advancement. Just as how the imperial elite took a fancy to the Ru Yi in ancient China, this is an excellent gift for those in managerial positions such as directors, executives, officials, politicians, CEOs etc.
Comes in white, pink, yellow and multi-colour (mix of green and blue).

Authority. Guidance. Command.

  • Influential symbol of power & career eminence; increase your smooth-sailing endeavours. Suitable for individuals who are kickstarting a new job or starting out a new business venture
  • Enhance your influence and solidify your position at work or in school
  • Increase your career prospects and business luck
  • Boost your inner strength and mental focus. Strengthen social connection to build closer relationship with your colleagues and boss
  • Gain power and influence to lead changes in your workplace

Size: 9cm(L) X 3cm(W) X 3.2cm(H), Weight: 41g
*Comes in 4 different colors. See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details
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Where to Place/Product Placement

    • Place item in the living room to increase yang energy
    • Display item in a prominent place on the left-hand side of your work desk to increase business prospects and chances of career progression
    • For a smooth sailing career aided by benefactors, place it behind you in the office to symbolize support and backing from your superiors and influential persons
    • Item can be placed in the Wen Chang position at home/office (as determined by a Feng Shui audit)
    • The career position of Year 2023 is in the West Direction. Placing the Ru Yi in the West sector of your home can boost your chances of success

To Recharge and Power Up your Item

Use the Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water to spray, clean and re-charge your item on a weekly basis. When cleaning, always use a dry and clean cloth to wipe away excess water and keep it dry.

🎨Ru Yi Scepter (Multi-color) 
  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills, increase productivity & gives you the influence needed for moving up the ranks
  • Promote leadership qualities & boost your interpersonal relationships
  • Accord you with the power to create & multiply to achieve your goals
⚪Ru Yi Scepter (White) 
  • Increase your mental clarity, optimize productivity & enhance problem-solving skill
  • Purge toxicity & reduce stress and anxiety from work
  • Diffuse negativity, reduce conflicts & great for attracting career promotion
🟡 Ru Yi Scepter (Yellow) 
  • Leverage your influence and money to draw in more money-making opportunities.
  • Boost wealth & career management abilities
  • Enhance competency & boost judgment abilities
🔴Ru Yi Scepter (Pink) 
  • Build confidence to speak up & draw in harmonious energies between you and your colleagues
  • Strengthen social connections & be a charismatic leader
  • Increase your likeability & build a strong network of personal contacts whom will help you achieve your personal goals



    • 万事顺心,兴旺运势、官场节节高升、官运亨通
    • 万事如意、好事连连、辟邪保平安
    • 寓意着富贵吉祥,提升个人的财运

Material 材质

Liu Li 琉璃


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