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Ultimate Tai Ji Lotus


Love. Eternity. Harmony. Purity. Protection.

The Lotus is known for its unique ability to emerge beautifully from murky waters, it symbolizes purity and devotion. Coupled with a Tai Ji (the Yin-Yang symbol), this Yuan Zhong Siu’s exclusive item helps to maintain harmony and balance in your relationship with your partner and/or family members.

Comes in 2 colors.

Popular – Pink

  • Brings equilibrium in energies to build a nurturing and intimate relationship with your partner
  • To have a loyal fateful love. Help to enrich your marriage and strengthen the relationship you have
  • Attract your soulmate and secure an unwavering love. Enhance relationship affinity and take your relationship to the next level
  • Open up the heart chakra for optimal health condition and for you to repair any damage you have in your relationship

Best-seller – White

  • Provide supreme balance of Yin and Yang energies; protect against third party intrusion in your relationship
  • Powerful purifying energies to remove emotional baggage and external temptations
  • Represents pure peaceful love; gain forgiveness through past disappointments and help to resolve arguments
  • Enhancing speech and clear communicative obstacles to build a great relationship

Size: 9.5cm(L) x 9.5cm(W) x 4.5cm(H), Weight: 404g
*See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details
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Ultimate Tai Ji Lotus (太极莲花)



    • 让感情的无花果开花结果,情分上升为良缘,成为天作之合
    • 增加浪漫,让感情更加甜蜜,爱意浓浓
    • 对应心轮,加强心、肺功能的健康


    • 净化心灵,减少错误的欲望 ,防止夫妻情侣间产生烂桃花, 使感情天长地久
    • 化解家人间八字刑冲,强化和亲力,使家庭和谐
    • 消病驱邪,心清自在,获得健康福缘

Where to Place/Product Placement

Place in the living room for family harmony
For couples, best to place together with marriage photos and/or musical box


Liu Li (琉璃)

Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 4.5 cm

Ultimate Tai Ji Lotus – Pink, Ultimate Tai Ji Lotus – White


Liu Li(琉璃)

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