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Wealth & Health Protector Long Gui

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Dragon Turtle (Long Gui) is a Chinese legendary creature that combines the head of dragon and the body of turtle. It is a symbol of longevity and auspiciousness. Gourd (Hu Lu) sounds like “Fu Lu” (fortune and wealth) ; it is often used to attract prosperity and harmony. The combination of Long Gui and Hu Lu bring courage, determination, longevity, power and support to its owner.

Wealth. Longevity. Protection.

  • To neutralize the energy of negative Feng Shui positions
  • Bringing in the energy of stability and longevity
  • Attract wealth luck, workplace opportunities and prevent wealth leakage
  • Hu Lu: Absorb the bad “chi”, protecting you against accidents and injuries
  • Great as housewarming gift to maintain harmony of the household and enhance the health of all occupants of the family

Size: 11.5cm(L) x 5cm(W) x 12cm(H), Weight: 395g

*Comes in 2 different colors, and in limited stock quantities
*See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details
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Where to Place

  • To place on the left hand side your workspace to advance in your career. Item can be used as a paperweight or beside your namecard holder as a visual reminder of your career goals.
  • Place item in your Wealth Position (as determined from a Feng Shui audit). Note that the mouth of the Long Gui should be pointing towards the door/window.
  • Boost the centre of your home (usually the living room of your residence) to invite abundance
  • If not, you can place item in the Wealth direction based on the Flying Stars Feng Shui for 2024.  See below.

*Note – The wealth direction for 2024 is in the East, North and North East.  You can place the item in any of the 3 directional sectors in your house/office.

Best Timing for Placement

Monday – Sunday (any day), anytime between 7-9 am

To Recharge your Long Gui (龙龟)

Use the Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water to spray, clean and re-charge your Long Gui on a weekly basis. When cleaning, always use a dry and clean cloth to wipe away excess water and keep it dry.



  • 能制伏太岁,岁破及种种有形之煞气
  • 家中有官非、是非、犯小人、资不抵债,财运衰弱等问题,摆放龙龟可化解凶气,亦可当作镇宅兴家之用
  • 【葫芦】和【福禄】谐音,寓意长寿,能够催旺整个家族的运势,带来好财运,吉祥和顺
  • 至阳之物,能压制邪气,如化解横梁压顶,化解卫生间浊气,化解流年煞气,化解家人的病气
  • 龙龟 + 葫芦,寓意:福禄吉祥,健康长寿。

Blue (蓝色) – To ward off evil spirits, provide safety protection and accelerate recovery for robust health. Suitable for elderly or individuals recovering from any illnesses. 吸纳秽气,去除病厄,延年益寿,安家镇宅
Yellow (黄色) – To attract wealth and advance in a career,招财化煞,增福增寿,招福纳财

Material 材质

Liu Li (琉璃)

Dimensions11.5 × 12 × 5 cm

Wealth & Health Protector Long Gui – Yellow, Wealth & Health Protector Long Gui – Blue


Liu Li(琉璃)

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Liu Li Care
Not recommended to wear to sleep Re-energize it with Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

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