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Wealth & Health Protector Long Gui

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Dragon Turtle (Long Gui) is a Chinese legendary creature that combines two of the four celestial animals of Chinese mythology: the head of dragon and the body of turtle. It is a symbol of longevity and auspiciousness. Gourd (Hu Lu) sounds like “Fu Lu” (fortune and wealth) ; It symbolizes prosperity and happiness. The combination of Long Gui and Hu Lu bring courage, determination, longevity, power and support to its owner.

Wealth. Longevity. Protection.

  • To neutralize the energy of negative Feng Shui positions
  • Bringing in the energy of stability and longevity
  • Attract wealth luck, workplace opportunities and prevent wealth leakage
  • Hu Lu: Absorb the bad “chi”, protecting you against accidents and injuries
  • Great as housewarming gift to enhance good health to all occupants of the family

Size: 11.5cm(L) x 5cm(W) x 12cm(H), Weight: 395g

*Comes in 2 different colors, and in limited stock quantities
*See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details
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Where to Place/Product Placement

The Hu Lu Long Gui should be placed in west side of your living room. It can also be positioned facing the main door to bless you with safe journeys.
The best spot is to place it in the Wealth Position (if you are aware of the spot).

*Note – The wealth direction for 2022 is in the North East and North West. For enhancement of your direct wealth (i.e. money from your career), you can place this item in the South East direction.

Best Timing for Placement

Monday – Sunday (any day), anytime between 7-9 am

To Recharge your Long Gui (龙龟)

Use the Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water to spray, clean and re-charge your Long Gui on a weekly basis. When cleaning, always use a dry and clean cloth to wipe away excess water and keep it dry.



  • 能制伏太岁,岁破及种种有形之煞气,也可广纳五方财
  • 家中有官非、是非、犯小人、资不抵债,财运衰弱等问题,摆放龙龟可化解凶气,亦可当作镇宅兴家之用
  • “葫芦”和“福禄”谐音,寓意长寿,能够催旺整个家族的运势,带来好财运,吉祥和顺
  • 至阳之物,能压制邪气,如化解横梁压顶,化解卫生间浊气,化解流年煞气,化解家人的病气

Blue (蓝色) – To ward off evil spirits and accelerate recovery for robust health,吸纳秽气,去除病厄
Yellow (黄色) – To attract wealth and advance in a career,增福增寿,招福纳财


Liu Li (琉璃)

Dimensions 11.5 × 12 × 5 cm

Wealth & Health Protector Long Gui – Yellow, Wealth & Health Protector Long Gui – Blue


Liu Li(琉璃)

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Liu Li Care
Not recommended to wear to sleep Re-energize it with Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

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