Dog – Yuan Zhong Siu


Lucky Number:

With aid from auspicious stars, individuals born in the year of the Dog will achieve remarkable results! Business owners will enjoy flourishing luck and employees will have the help of others. A window of opportunities will present itself to you and could catch you off guard. Regardless, seek assistance if necessary and your hard work will pay off.


Expect a steady growth in your direct wealth as you will be excelling in your career! Look forward to possible salary increment and promotion. However, don’t pin your hopes on unexpected windfall. With financial security, you could grow your nest and consider investing in property or in gold.


This year, your energy level is easily depleted as you battle with chronic fatigue syndrome. If you experience heart palpitations, inflammation, kidney or respiratory related issues, seek timely medical advice. It is recommended to engage in relaxing activities such as massages and ensuring ample rest in order to improve your body’s immunity.


Romance luck is not in your favour; this year, you have a mountain of unrealistic expectations of your partner. Focus on maintaining family harmony and quell your fiery personality. Temptations surround you and it is advisable for you to grow closer to your family. Singles ought to manage your expectations in your relationship with others.

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