Pig – Yuan Zhong Siu


Lucky Number:

In 2020, you will scale great heights in your career! Work on being well-liked by your colleagues and success will come. You might feel overwhelmed by your job demands, but at the end of the day, good things will come to those who never give up. It is advisable to partake in more social events to widen your connections and hence elevating your career luck.


You are blessed with good fortune this year! This is an opportune time for you to invest in low-risk bonds and stocks. Actively listen for advice from experienced investors and abundant wealth awaits you. The only obstacle you face is increased expenditure, so keep a proper budget and stick to it.


The influence of the sickness star could cause potential threat to your health. Look out for recurring health problems specifically to musculoskeletal disorders, joint inflammations, aching limps and digestive problems. Vitamins and supplements can improve your immunity and build stronger bones.


Individuals born in the year of the pig will enjoy flourishing romance luck. Singles should stop being a homebody and start attending more social functions. The more you put yourself out there, the more likely you will meet someone that you will be fond of! For married couples, manage your relationship well and control your desires. You will need to exercise restraint and be selective with whom you surround yourself with.

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