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Imperial Dragon Seal (Yu Xi)


For powerful Yang energy to clear obstacles out from your way. The Imperial Dragon Seal augments the might and influence of an individual, excellent for those in positions of authority or business owners.

Authority. Influence. Prestige. Leadership. 

  • Dragon is the most desired symbol of good fortune – brings career success, recognition and achievements
  • The Imperial Dragon Seal helps to harness auspicious energies that allow you to command respect from your subordinates/team
  • Gather influential power and authority for excellent leadership abilities. To have control of your work and life
  • Exude charismatic confidence and motivate people to work towards your goal
  • Invite incredible strength to triumph over adversity and enhance job security
  • Heighten esteem, success and power for swift career progression or business expansion

Royal Yellow: For abundance and wealth luck. Improves charismatic leadership qualities for empowerment towards career and financial success
Colored: For powerful breakthrough. Enhances critical thinking and judgment, greatly improving decision-making skills to help you rise through the ranks. To attain high status and rank in your endeavors

Size: 7.9cm(L) x 7.9cm(W) x 12cm(H), Weight: 0.6kg
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Recommended for:

  • Ideal for businessmen and individuals who aspire to manifest success and attain fame in their career
  • Ideal for politicians to gain recognition
  • Office workers to place item on their work desks for career stability and to draw leadership opportunities for them to showcase their talents
  • Individuals who want to command high power, enhance their influence and rise up the career hierarchy
  • For male owners of the household for better authority in the family

Where to Place

  • If you have seen a Feng Shui audit before, place it in your Wen Chang Position
  • Can be used as a decoration ornament at the left hand side of your work desk or as a paper weight
  • Display item prominently in your living room

Best Timing for Placement

Monday – Sunday (any day), anytime between 7-9 am

To Recharge and Power Up your Yu Xi

Use the Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water to spray, clean and re-charge your item on a weekly basis. When cleaning, always use a dry and clean cloth to wipe away excess water and keep it dry.



  • 龙腾于天,受命于天,象征权贵
  • 掌权显威,巩固地位
  • 震慑小人,增贵人缘
  • 出类拔萃,官禄升腾
  • 龙翔天际,大展宏图



Liu Li (琉璃)

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Liu Li Care
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