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The Mighty Qi Lin Guardians


The Qi Lin, a mythical creature steeped in ancient symbolism and cultural significance, holds a revered place in Chinese traditions. With its origins dating back centuries, the Qi Lin is often associated with auspicious meanings of prosperity, protection, and good fortune.

In Feng Shui, placing Qi Lin statues in the Career position can enhance career or academic luck, while placing them in the Love position may increase love luck or bring offspring.

Prosperity. Fertility. Longevity. Benevolence.

  • In ancient time, the Qi Lin was closely linked to the ruling elite, symbolizing the emperor’s divine right to rule. Great as a gift; Qi Lin signifies a symbol of power and righteousness. Display them to increase your chances of promotion.
  • The Qi Lin is associated with brilliant people and can help reduce employee turnover. Display them in your workplace to enhance employee’s loyalty and bravery.
  • The divine creature embodies benevolence and compassion. It can enhance fertility, bring smart babies and good news to those who are trying to conceive.
  • With a gold ingot and globe ball (symbolizing the Earth) under the feet, Qi Lin can draw prosperity, boost wealth, and enhance career fortune.
  • Guardians of harmony – for protection and harmony for any space. Display them to exorcise evil spirits and bring peace. Great for business owners who are looking to invite positive energy, profits, and abundance to their businesses.

Blue & Purple : For great wisdom, academic/career/business breakthrough, fertility, and great health.

Yellow & Green : For greater wealth, career luck & growth, and health protection.

Size: 8.2cm(L) x 4.4cm(W) x 9.5cm(H) each, Weight: Approx. 736g per pair 

*Comes in 2 different colors, and in limited stock quantities
*See below for Chinese descriptions and for more details
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麒麟集龙头、鹿角、狮眼、虎肩、熊腰、蛇鳞、马蹄、牛尾于一身, 寓意吉祥顺利,招财纳福。


  • 当门神:镇邪气,挡灾殃
  • 当库神:赐富贵,家兴旺


  • 旺事业,化小人,减少口舌之争,促进事业辉煌腾达
  • 麒麟送子,寓意麒麟能旺人丁,促进家庭和睦,子息孝道
  • 加强财位的正能量,增加财运和财富的积累,聚财富贵

蓝紫色 : 主事业/学业,不断开发智慧,取得突破。促进家庭和睦,增进人丁兴旺。辟邪镇宅,保平安顺遂。

绿色 : 主招财纳福,添富贵,除秽化煞。激发思维,巩固事业,平步青云,飞黄腾达。带来福寿康宁,保安康。


  • 家中玄关或办公室中:麒麟头向外,摆放在家中玄关或办公室,可使煞气、小人、病魔和复能量敬而远之,自动闪避,使家宅和办公室平安兴旺。
  • 书房或文昌位:保持思维清晰和专注,增强学习的主动性,学业和事业发展更为出色。
  • 卧室:麒麟,一雄一雌,阴阳调和,有助于增进夫妻情感,从而有利于孕育,旺福后代。

Where to Place

  • Place a pair of Qi Lin statues facing the door to bring blessings, good luck, and protection.
  • Place them on a study desk to promote success and career/academic advancement.
  • Place them in the bedroom to bring auspiciousness and bring the birth of healthy and intelligent babies.

Best Timing for Placement

Monday – Sunday (any day), anytime between 7-9 am

To Recharge your Qi Lin (麒麟)

Use the Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water to spray, clean and re-charge your Qi Lin on a weekly basis. When cleaning, always use a dry and clean cloth to wipe away excess water and keep it dry.


Liu Li (琉璃)
Item comes in a box. Great as gift.

Note:  Liu Li art piece is unique as the colour casted is the result of the kiln-firing process. As this is a handcrafted process, the colour will differ for each Qi Lin and natural forming bubbles in the items are also organically formed. The result is a distinct set of Qi Lin that is uniquely yours.

More about the Delivery Service:  As item is fragile, we strongly recommend for you to self-collect item and QC upon collection. Yuan Zhong Siu does not cover damage compensation caused by third-party service provider. When carting out, indicate Self Collection at the Remark section if you will like to opt for Self-Collection.

Dimensions11.5 × 12 × 5 cm

The Mighty Qi Lin Guardians – Blue & Purple, The Mighty Qi Lin Guardians – Yellow & Green


Liu Li(琉璃)

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Liu Li Care
Not recommended to wear to sleep Re-energize it with Wealth Enhancing Purifying Water

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