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Face Reading & Palmistry

Face Reading & Palmistry


Face Reading is the technique of reading facial features. For example, nobility is reflected in the eyes, fortune by the ears, wealth by the nose, fame by the brows, and career by the mouth. Our professional geomancy masters will help you decipher the secrets of your life through an analysis of your facial features.



眼睛 = 性格&运势
耳朵 = 运气
鼻子 = 财富
眉毛 = 名气
嘴巴 = 事业



Palmistry is an invaluable tool you can use to gain a deeper understanding of others and yourself. It can help you discover your best skills, gifts, talents and strengths so that you can put them all to work more effectively. Focusing on your natural strengths will allow you to feel better about yourself and enjoy more success in life. With this new self-understanding, you will have more confidence and power to live the life you’ve always wanted to live.



Grand Master Hillary Phang

Grand Master Hillary Phang

Face Reading & Palmistry

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