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Crystal Stone Aura Reading

Crystal Stone Aura Reading

Crystals are energy powerhouses; let our professional team help you identify your personal aura energy (also known as chakra) through a crystal reading.

Understand how your auras translate into your daily life, you can ask about –

Awaiting any career opportunities?
Ask about your work or even your academic pursuits!

Waiting for love?
Ask about your love life and find out if there are any obstacles blocking you

Stuck in a life dilemma?
Unhappy with your life? Having a mid-life crisis? Ask any burning question that you may have

Having money woes? Concerned about your investment?
Ask if you will be blessed with windfall luck!

Falling sick easily?
Ask about your health, find out how to help calm an overactive mind and manage your stress levels

Overly emotional?
Ask about your friendships or family issues to find out if your actions or love language suffocate the people around you 

The aura consists of seven layers which are believed to be connected to one another, it can influence your emotions, thought process, behaviors and health. Using a bag of crystal stones, you can maximize your gains and identify blockage areas that need attention.

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