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Selection of Auspicious Wedding Date

Selection of Auspicious Wedding Date

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event for you and the love of your life! Having an auspicious date selected for your wedding will kick-start a blessed and blissful life together as Mr. and Mrs.

Frequently overlooked yet extremely important,  an auspicious wedding date is more than just using the traditional Chinese Almanac to sieve out the favorable time based on the zodiacs.

Here at Yuan Zhong Siu, our team of experts seeks to help you as you enter this delightful new phase of life. The auspicious wedding dates selection service takes into account the couple’s Eight Character (Ba Zi) along with the parents’ date of birth from both maternal and paternal sides.  We ensure that there are no direct and indirect clashes for the wedding dates proposed.

For couples who have preferred months to conduct their wedding ceremony due to the availability of hotel venues, Yuan Zhong Siu will propose two best wedding dates as per your request. Our comprehensive auspicious wedding date selection service also includes Auspicious Date and Time Selection for Betrothal Gift Ceremony, and Installation of the Bridal Bed. The auspicious date for the wedding will also state the favourable time to fetch the bride from her parents’ house, to step into the groom’s parents’ house, and to return to the bride’s parents’ house for the first time after marriage.

Our professional and experienced Master and team will guide you through the items and traditions you need to take note of for a customary traditional Chinese wedding.

This entire service of Auspicious Wedding Date Selection is priced at only S$168 NETT. The service will include a detailed analysis report with two best auspicious wedding dates.

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